“Make a Wish” by Lise YUEN
By on Monday, March 16th, 2015

“Make a Wish” is an interactive installation by Lise YUEN, who is an Norwegian artist, which reflects both internal and external conflicts in a period of changes.

Lise YUEN’s Artwork: “Make a Wish”

An interactive installation reflecting both internal and external conflict, in a period of change in which old ways of life, beliefs and values crumble, whilst the new emerges.

The installation is built as a contemplative scene. It consists of a wishing well in front of a backdrop of copper relief. The copper relief can be viewed as an abstraction of a natural scene as well as giving clear associations to both divine gold as well as earthly riches. The wishing well, a rustic iron barrel filled with black oil, acts like a mirror so you look down at your own reflection. The installation refers to your own personal dreams as well as the wishes’ ambiguity in relation to the spiritual and material wealth.

The viewers can write their wishes on a small piece of paper and hang it on the wall besides the wishing well. The summary of all this personal wishes will stand as a comment to society’s zeitgeist.

Lise YUEN about “Make a Wish” (Video)

About the Artist Lise YUEN

Lise Kolstad Yuen, graduated from The National College of Art and Design, Oslo, Norway, was born in Lillehammer and now works and lives in Oslo.

In her work she strives to find an alternative reality, often based on her own sense of nature. Abstraction itself is a

photo by Helanonline

photo by Helanonline

meeting between the defined and the undefined – a reduction to uncover a fundamental essence. Simplicity and accessibility are important parameters in creating visual associations and leading an artistic process to a result, which is universal and recognisable.

She seeks inspiration by reflecting on the tension between perception and reality, subject and object, culture and nature, as well as the relationship between the inner and outer world. She also finds fascination in ambiguity and to confront opposing elements, combined with conceptual simplification, material expression and the craft.

In our quest to understand, find scientific proof and absolute answers, we are about to lose something important: our sense of wonderment. In Lise’s visual universe, the wonderment is a driving force in the development of her installations and sculptures.

Her works has been exhibited in “Change and Exchange 6,” Halle 50, Munich, Germany, “Matchmaking at Suzhou Creek,” Shanghai, China, “Talentborse,” Munich, Germany, “Cross Point,” Hennie Onstad Art Center, Oslo, Norway, “Taiga” Elverum museum, Elverum, Norway, “Time,” Krypten Oslo, Norway. Commisions: “Hafslund Energy, Oslo, Norway,” “Elverum College, Elverum, Norway,” “Mølleparken, Oslo, Norway,” “Tabibito, Oslo,Norway,” “Lille Sumo, Oslo, Norway. Grants: Governments grants for young artists, Government grants for artists.

Lise Kolstad Yuen has earlier been living in Shanghai for 6 years. In this period she founded Creek Art Center in Shanghai and Beijing, and was curating and organising exhibitions and international culture exchange events.