By on Monday, March 16th, 2015

I was born in Shanghai and live in Shanghai most of my lifetime. My works are inspired by the ideas that pop out on my mind or things that come up from daily life. Since I use camera as the major medium, I am usually known as a photographic artist. Yet I am interested in everything and willing to explore every possibility. Thus, instead of just being an observer in the past, I am now trying to get myself more and more involved.

Yue LIANG’s Artwork

My work as exhibited this time is a film in which I tried to revivify an experience of driving on city-highways early in the morning. In fact, none of the experiences is repeatable. All that I can do is approaching what I saw and felt. One early morning, I was driving on the way, trying to get rid of the cumulating gloominess or maybe just physiological depression on impulse by keep driving forward. It was completely unobstructed when I was driving quickly or slowly on the highways of Shanghai in dawn, which made me feel relieved like air bleeding from a balloon. Around 5:17am, street lamps on both sides all went out. The world turned to black, blue and white, buildings seemed like dark tombs in the urban, air became transparent dark blue and the white lines on the roads became stripes of mysterious flowing creatures. I am still not sure if it really existed or it is simply my illusion, because I failed to catch the feeling of that moment again even if I had my camera prepared at that specific time in the next few early mornings. However, I realised that there is no meaning to repeat it, since I have already made a unique new experience when I tried to retrieve the former one mechanically. Therefore, what you are going to see is the new experience itself instead of the old one that I tried to repeat. Hope you would have the patience to wait till the end of this film Driving in the morn kills Desperation, nevertheless if you cannot bear it, I would like to congratulate you for having a good mood at this moment of time while a brain-break is unnecessary.