The Art Exhibition “Precariously Yours”
By on Friday, March 13th, 2015

The workshop of the HERA SINGLE team in Shanghai culminated in the opening of an exhibition at Fei Contemporary Art Centre ( Dr. Yiu Fai Chow curated the exhibition which featured three different artists who produced works for this purpose.

GUO Qingling graduated from the Stage Art Department of Shanghai Drama Institute, was born in Henan province and now lives and works in Shanghai. Her works which boast for its strong social practicality and intervention mainly focus on exploring women from different dimensions in life through paintings, videos, installation arts and radio dramas.

For instance, the images of women in the street life created from 1999 to 2002 were saturated with exaggerated outlooks, vibrant colours and vigorous brush-works. The SEAFOOD Series (2002-2005) with liberated style and fluid lines portrayed a group of women constituting the class of consumers who willingly embrace fashion in the urban. The Grey Series (2006-2009) studied the women suffering from physical and mental illnesses. This series appears to be gloomy and depressed. The Second Series (2012-2014) focused on the independent and professional female intellectuals who have made significant contributions. Since 2014, GUO has started to create the images of factory girls from lower class and single women in the cities, which reflects the complex social issues through portraying the anxiety and upset deep inside.

The Artists


  • The opening of the Exhibition at Fei Contemporary Art Centre, with Christiane Brosius and Yiu Fai CHOW introducing the scholarly and artistic work.